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Baby photography at home: 6 tips from a photographer to soon to be parents

Updated: Jul 7, 2021

Ever taken a photo on your phone, maybe a selfie, then looked at it and realised it was NOT what you were expecting?

And definitely nothing you want to keep FOREVER.

Now imagine that being a photo of your tiny, little bundle of joy just arrived home.

Or on daddy’s chest.

Or attempting to take their first step… or trying their first bite of cake!

… lost forever.


Now, of course, capturing these precious moments and turning them into beautiful, timeless portraits is exactly what a newborn and baby photographer does.

However, apart from the big milestones, the “firsts” and all the special moments, there are hundreds of daily instants you might want to keep with you.

If that’s the case… I have got your back!

This post includes my top 6 tips for photographing your baby at home (and non).


You might not have the technical skills and experience of a professional photographer, and – arriving home from the hospital – you might feel a bit overwhelmed and exhausted.

But unlike a professional baby or newborn photographer during your session, you have weeks to create your gallery… not hours!

When I had Isaac, my third child, I kept everything low stress by only photographing for short periods of time when he was resting and sleeping.

Although Newborn poses can technically be best achieved during the first two weeks of baby’s life, I was still capturing Isaac’s newborn photos up until he was 16 weeks old.


Baby’s safety is paramount, and I can not stress this enough.

Being trained by the leading Newborn trainers in the UK on an annual rotation and Insured, I am confident in posing baby in the more difficult poses, working with props and creating composite photos - created in post by editing more than one photo.

If you are photographing your newborn, it is good proactive to have someone there to help you and to “spot” baby so that he is safe and supported while you snap away.

Also remember: all those overwhelmingly cute baby poses you might have seen require training, so why not focus on more lifestyle shots?

Maybe dad holding baby, or baby asleep in your bed. For the latter, you could even use your favourite blanket as a background.

3.LIGHTING & ANGLES Correct lighting will make or break a photo. A natural light from one of your windows at home will allow you to use the most natural source of lighting we have – the sun.

Avoid up-lit baby, as lighting from below is very unnatural looking.

Have your baby angled such that the light flows from the top of baby’s head on down their body at app

roximately a 45-degree angle.

Oh… and talking about angles.

Instead of moving baby, try moving and and change the position of the camera to achieve different perspectives, which will give you more variety and avoiding unsettling baby.


The little things really do matter!

Button noses, sweet lips, long eyelashes, tiny ears, toes, delicate fingers, belly buttons, hair, and fuzzy shoulders will change so fast as your baby grows and preserving those memories is a must.

Now these can be quite tricky to achieve without specific equipment (in studio, we use what’s called macro lenses for capturing close ups) but try testing the limits of whatever camera or phone you are using.

Remember that even phones now often a variety of settings, and some might help capturing little details.


Capturing the connection between siblings is magical, and older children embrace the special bond by getting involved in holding the baby or helping to organise the photo shoot. Lying down on a fluffy blanket is perfect for younger children and having another adult to help with posing and as a spotter is advised.

But what about… YOU?

If you are like me, you tend to hide behind the camera but trust me, you will regret not having photos taken with your new baby.

You WILL regret not having photographs to show that special bond between a mum and their baby.

This time is priceless, its time you won’t get back and it needs to be captured for you, your children, and generations to come to look back on.


One thing I hear mums say too often is how they regret not having their pregnancy or newborn pictures taken. They regret not having beautiful photographs that their family and kids can keep forever.

Although the first few weeks of your baby’s life are going to feel like a whirlwind of emotions (and events!) make time for capture the little daily moments that will never come back.

And when it comes to all those beautiful newborn poses, to your little one’s milestones and all of their “first”, why not having a look at my baby photography studio sessions?

If you have any questions about taking photos of your newborn baby please do not hesitate to ask, leave a comment below or send me a private message on my contact page.

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