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Award-winning Maternity Photography Bridgend South Wales

Updated: Jun 25, 2023

Bridgend Photographer creates priceless memories during pregnancy

Maternity Photography Bridgend South Wales
Maternity Photography Bridgend South Wales

Maternity photo of beautiful Adewole at Bridgend award winning Maternity photography studio.

Now the news has finally sunk in, I am ready to share with you that last month I was over the moon to find out I was awarded highly commended for my maternity photography from one of the World’s largest organisations, The Society of Wedding and Portrait Photographers (SWPP). Receiving an award from the Societies is a huge success for a Photographer, they are World recognised and full of big names from across the globe.

To be already receiving recognition from my peers with being awarded highly commended for my maternity photography is a big deal, especially with it being the first time I had entered my Maternity work, and the first of my photography entries for 2022, so it was unexpected. Ending 2022 on a high has made me realise that I want to focus more on Maternity in 2023.

What others say about my Maternity Photography

The above image won a Highly Commended Maternity Award in November 2022 monthly qualified photographers competition run by The Society of Wedding and Portrait Photographers (SWPP), and I received the news in December 2022.

Since being multi-published in Vogue Italia, my work is being recognised as timeless, and rich, with an editorial style, a style I have been repeatedly told it…

“stops you from scrolling”

and is

“nothing like you see locally.”

I am always blown away by receiving such lovely feedback, knowing the vision I am creating for my clients is being seen how I wanted. With consent from my clients, getting feedback on my photos from my Photography business mentor is of huge value to advancing my skills in photography and producing higher-quality photos for my clients. After showing some of my maternity work to my mentor, she told me that my…

“maternity work is up there with the best, the editing and how I captured the pregnancy is beautifully done, a credit to any expecting mum booking a maternity session”

She encouraged me to enter my work into The Societies monthly competition, and I’m so glad I listened… I achieved a highly commended award.

Why is pregnancy important to document?

Maternity photography has been a huge part of my business, I have been photographing pregnant women even before I launched Adele Morris Photography. I first picked up my camera to photograph pregnancy back in 2004, when I was teaching expected mothers how to document their pregnancy journey and their new baby during the early weeks after their arrival.

With years of experience working with mums-to-be, and my own experience of pregnancy and motherhood, I recognise the connection my clients have with creating life and the want to hold on to those precious moments beyond pregnancy. I now understand what my gran meant when I overheard her telling my mum…

“you will never get this time back with your children, they grow so quickly and time slips away so fast.”

She was so right! And those words have stayed with me when photographing both maternity and newborn sessions.

Bonding during pregnancy

Being a mum to 3 little ones I feel really helps when photographing maternity, it’s being able to relate to my clients needs, limitations, and desires, and the importance to show the bond between parent and child. I know how strong that bind is.

Having first-hand experience of the early chapters of parenthood and how quickly time goes, I know how easy it is to leave behind these memories only a mum who has experienced pregnancy can relate to. The bond which makes you feel things you have never felt before, the feeling of just knowing you're pregnant, the early flutters, then watching and feeling the movements whilst the baby is being nurtured in the womb, every step incredibly special and so important.

What is a specialist Maternity photographer?

Specialising in Maternity Photography as well as Newborn, I have found many of my Newborn clients believe they only need photographs of their new baby to look back on, from my own personal experience documenting your pregnancy is the one thing you won’t regret…

Maternity and Newborn Photography Bridgend South Wales
Maternity and Newborn Photography Bridgend South Wales

Preganancy selfies is no comparison to a maternity photoshoot.

From a very young age, my eldest has loved hearing her story from life in the womb, she gets so excited knowing she had hiccups in the morning, danced on my bladder at night, and how big my bump got towards the end of the pregnancy. Not having any professional photos of her pregnancy is a big regret of mine, showing her how special her pregnancy was is the only missing piece I know she would have loved seeing. I don’t want any mother to feel this way, and regret documenting the chapter that made them a parent, I want them to have the missing pieces of their little ones' story.

The impact of having that missing piece has made me even more determined to prevent others from going down the same path as I did. When I was pregnant there wasn't a local photographer who did maternity photoshoots, the closest specialist maternity photographer was nearly an hour away. Picking the right maternity photographer is so important, having been through pregnanacy loss I wanted a female photographer who was also a mum and understood my limitations, and I also wanted them to specialised in newborn so they could continue to document my journey into motherhood.

Like I was, I know most women feel a bit nervous before a maternity photoshoot, but this is not the case for my clients, I am a mum and I want them to know that I understand the session needs to be stress-free, relaxed, and the best maternity experience they could wish for. Pregnancy is short, and all mums deserve some “me time” before the baby is born, and the best hands to be in is a trained professional who understands pregnancy to achieve the best.

Trained by the best Maternity Photography Trainer.

Creating high-end maternity photography, which goes above and beyond what you will see locally is something I am very proud of. My passion is to create beautiful timeless memories of stepping into motherhood, documenting the short chapter of pregnancy, and the journey awaiting the arrival of a newborn baby.

I do feel very lucky doing a job that I absolutely love, documenting maternity and newborns, showing growth is where my passion is. Both being specialist areas and very different from each other, training is key to those wow factor images, you know the ones?! One of my maternity clients told me that she booked me because she saw my…

Maternity photos that stop you in your tracks.

My inspiration started when I was scrolling social media whilst feeding my firstborn, and seeing some incredible work from high-end maternity photographers, it was like nothing I’d seen locally and this is what I wanted to be doing. I wanted to give my clients something incredibly special during their pregnancy, time for them to prioritise themselves and have memories to forever cherish.

Bridgend South Wales Photographer Trained by Maternity and Newborn Photography trainer
Bridgend South Wales Photographer Trained by Maternity and Newborn Photography trainer

Maternity photographer trainer Gary hill visits Maternity Photography studio in Bridgend, South Wales.

Each year I set aside some time to get some photography training, in an area I want to refine or introduce. 2022 I choose to take my maternity Photography to the next level. After some research, the majority big named high-end maternity photographers have been trained with Gary Hill, so the decision was made, I contacted him to book studio photography training

Traveling to one of Gary’s training workshops is currently not an option for me. Being a mum of 3 under 5, and my three-year-old son being autistic, long days which impact routine isn’t something I factor in. Gary kindly offered to travel to my Porthcawl studio, where he taught me over two days how to use my studio to give my maternity clients the maximum results, and oh boy he didn’t disappoint.

After two days of training, Gary encouraged me to focus more on maternity photography, which was the final push I needed to jump back into maternity photography and start booking maternity clients.


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About the South Wales Maternity Blog Author:

Award Winning Maternity and Newborn Photographer Bridgend South Wales
Award Winning Maternity and Newborn Photographer Bridgend South Wales

Hi I'm Adele, the director behind Adele Morris Photography, a specialist Maternity, Newborn, and Family studio photographer based in Sunny Porthcawl in Bridgend.

My passion for Photography started when I first picked up a camera at the age of 5 to take a family photo. With nearly 20 years of Maternity and Newborn Photography experience and not forgetting a devoted mum to my three beautiful children, I knows how special capturing precious moments are and the importance of creating a legacy for the generations after us.

The Photography studio is located within easy access to clients travelling from Swansea, Bridgend, Cardiff, Llanelli , Port Talbot, Newport, Neath, Carmarthenshire, and clients travel to her from all over South Wales.

To find out more about the author, visit the about me page.


Adele Morris Photography

Specialist Maternity, Newborn, baby, and Family studio photographer.

Serving Swansea, Bridgend, Cardiff, Llanelli, Port Talbot, Newport, Neath, Pyle, Llantrisant, Carmarthenshire, Porthcawl and all over South Wales.

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