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How big is my baby? Weekly pregnancy fruit and vegetable comparison addition.

Updated: Jun 25, 2023

Your baby bump is growing, and it’s hard to visualise how big the baby will be.

How big is my baby? This a question you will be asking throughout your pregnancy, so I’ve created a weekly visual size guide comparing your baby's approximate length and weight to fruits and vegetables. Showing your baby’s growth from Poppy seed to a Watermelon.

Weeks 1 to 3 of pregnancy.

Your due date will be calculated from 40 weeks from the first day of your menstrual period. The normal time for conception is around two weeks after. During these weeks it’s highly unlikely you will know you are pregnant.

The 40 weeks of Pregnancy really do go fast, and your baby grows a tiny seed to a Watermelon in those short weeks.

Four weeks pregnant

Congratulations, you're pregnant! Around the 4 weeks mark is when you find out you are due to have a baby.

Your baby is now officially an embryo, which is about the size of a poppy seed.

Baby's Length: About 0.03 in.

Baby's Weight: less than 1g.


As a mum of three little ones, I know how exciting and emotional the first trimester of pregnancy is, and sometimes we need a little reminder to help us look forward to meeting our new baby - 48 reasons to be glad that you're pregnant


Five weeks pregnant

Your baby will be looking like a tiny tadpole, and have grown to the size of a sesame seed. You won't have a baby bump yet, but big changes are happening inside your womb. Work has started on the brain, spinal cord, heart, and blood vessels.

Baby's Length: About 0.05 in.

Baby's Weight: Less than 1g.

Six weeks pregnant

Your little one has now tripled in size, to around the size of an apple seed.

Although you are not looking pregnant, you will experience the first-trimester symptoms… super-sore breasts, nausea, vomiting, constipation, exhaustion, headaches, faintness, and mood swings around this time. The hard part is, you probably keeping the pregnancy a secret, but hold on tight, your body is working hard and the symptoms should subside when you get to the second trimester.

Baby's Length: 0.13 in.

Baby's Weight: Less than 1g. Seven weeks pregnant

Lots of growth is happening, and your baby will have double in size to about as big as a blueberry.

You may start to notice that your clothes are starting to feel a little snug.

Baby's Length: about .5 in.

Baby's Weight: less than 1g.

Eight weeks Pregnant

Now the size of a raspberry. All finders and toes are webbed and will soon reveal separate digits.

Baby's Length: about 0.63 in.

Baby's Weight: less than 1g. Nine weeks Pregnant.

Your baby has now grown to the size of a cherry. The reproductive organs are formed, but it's too early to tell if your having a boy or a girl yet.

Baby's Length: About .9 in.

Baby's Weight: About 2g 10 weeks pregnant.

Your baby can now stretch it’s spine and is the size of a strawberry.

Baby's Length: 1.22 in.

Baby's Weight: 4g

11 weeks pregnant

Between now and 20 weeks your baby is going to triple in size, but fit now your little one is the size of a lme.

Baby's Length: 1.61 in.

Baby's Weight: 7g.

12 weeks pregnant

Your baby has grown to the size of a Plum already, a fine layer of hair will cover most of their body and fingernails, toenails and bones are starting to form.

Baby's Length: 2.13 in.

Baby's Weight: 14g.


If you are considering documenting your pregnancy, it's around week 12 of your pregnancy you should be starting to consider researching your maternity photographer.

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Maternity photoshoots are best planned between 30-35 weeks of pregnancy if possible.


13 weeks pregnant

Your precious baby is as big as a lemon.

You can’t hear them yet, but the vocal cords are busy and starting to develop.

Baby's Length: 2.91 in.

Baby's Weight: 23g.

14 weeks pregnant

Congratulations, you reached the second trimester and your baby will now be the size of a Peach.

All their internal organs will have formed during the first trimester, and will now be developing until they're born.

Baby's Length: 3.42 in.

Baby's Weight: 43g.


A dating scan is normally done between 8 and 14 weeks of pregnancy, it's used to see how far along your pregnancy you are and to check in on you and your baby's development.

You might also be offered a number of other tests at this appointment. After you have a due date confirmed, it is then you might want to start considering researching your newborn photographer.


15 weeks pregnant

Your baby has grown to the size as a pear.

Your now growing a little acrobat, they will be busy doing somersaults whilst they learn how to use all their muscles. Don’t be surprised if you dint feel anything yet, especially if your a first time mum, you might not feel anything for a few more weeks.

Baby's Length: 3.98 in.

Baby's Weight: 70g.

16 weeks pregnant

This week your baby measures up to an avocado in size and weighs 100g. (Length: 11.6cm, head to bottom.)

Your baby is now the size of an avocado—and they can make a fist and even suck their thumb.

Baby's Length: 4.57 in.

Baby's Weight: 100g.

17 weeks pregnant.

Your baby is now the size of a Onion.

This is my favourite week of pregnancy because you start to feel baby hiccup.

Baby's Length: 5.12 in.

Baby's Weight: 140g.

18 weeks pregnant.

Your baby is nearly grown to the size of a Pomegranate.

Their tiny fingers will have now formed his unique fingerprints!

Baby's Length: 5.59 in.

Baby's Weight: 190g.

19 weeks pregnant.

This week your baby is about the size of a mango. And you might start feeling his long legs starting to kick out, but if you're a first time mum you might not recognise the sensation of butterflies for a few more weeks.

Length: 6.02in Weight: 240g.

20 weeks pregnant.

Your baby has grown the size of an Artichoke. Tiny little hairs might be starting to grow on their head and eyebrows.

Baby's Length: 6.46 in.

Baby's Weight: 300g.

21 weeks pregnant.

Your baby, almost as long as a banana, and weighs about 360g. (Length: 26.7cm, head to heel.)

Your baby is as long as a carrot, and their skin now responds to touch. If you put pressure on your belly, they'll move away or push back.

Baby's Length: 10.51 in.

Baby's Weight: 360g.

22 weeks pregnant.

Your baby is around the size of a Coconut. Their lungs are developing rapidly, and they will begin making a protein called surfactant, which will help them breathe independently once they're born.

Baby's Length: 10.94 in.

Baby's Weight: 430g.

23 weeks pregnant.

Your baby is as big as a Grapefruit. Their brain and hearing are more developed this week, and they're beginning to recognize your voice.

Baby's Length: 11.38 in.

Baby's Weight: 500g.

24 weeks pregnant.

Your baby is as long as corn on the cob. And will be starting to practice breathing with his newly developed nostrils, but instead of air, he will be inhaling inhale amniotic fluid.

Baby's Length: 11.81 in.

Baby's Weight: 590g.

25 weeks pregnant.

Your baby will be starting to get a little cheeky on week 25, will be use he’s little hands more, maybe you might catch him reaching out to its umbilical cord or sticking out his tongue during an ultrasound scan.

He will be around the size of a Aubergine at week 25.

Baby's Length: 13.62 in.

Baby's Weight: 660g.

26 weeks pregnant

Now with eyelashes, eyebrows and more hair on their head, your baby will be about the size of a Cantaloupe melon.

Baby's Length: 14.02 in.

Baby's Weight: 760g.

27 weeks pregnant

Your baby is about as big as a head of cauliflower.

Communicating with the baby whilst in the womb is so essential and around week 27 of pregnancy they will start to distinguish between your voice and your partner's voice.

Baby's Length: 14.41 in.

Baby's Weight: 875g.

28 weeks pregnant

Your baby is nearly the size of Kale and will start to discover their little world in the womb as they start to open and close their eyes.

Baby's Length: 14.80 in.

Baby's Weight: around 1kg

29 weeks pregnant

Congratulations you are now in the third trimester. Baby has about the size of a lettuce.

This week you will notice baby has become a lot more active, and now the brain has been busy developing you will even notice baby reacting to different foods, temperatures, sounds, and lights. Try rubbing an ice cube on your baby bump or eating an ice lolly and see what happens.

Baby's Length: 15.2 in.

Baby's Weight: just under 1.2kg.

30 weeks pregnant

Your baby has now grown to the size of cabbage.

You might start to notice they are starting to have a pattern of sleep and being active, maybe even feeling baby hiccups. It’s wonderful to feel the little kicks happen after they’ve had a 30 to 90 minute snooze.

Baby's Length: 15.71 in.

Baby's Weight: 1.3kg.

31 weeks pregnant

Your baby is about the size of a Zucchini, and they will now gain as much as a half pound per week until they're born.

Baby's Length: 16.18 in.

Baby's Weight: 1.5kg.

32 weeks pregnant

Your baby is quickly filling the space in your womb (uterus), and is as long as a stalk of Asparagus.

Your now really eating for two, because babies taste buds are developed, and it’s very likely they will acquire a taste for the foods you eat.

Baby's Length: 16.69 in.

Baby's Weight: 1.7kg.

33 weeks pregnant

Your baby will now be around the size of a Celery. The fine hair called Lanugo, which covers their entire body to help keep them warm will now be starting to disappear.

Baby's Length: 17.20 in.

Baby's Weight: 1.9kg.

34 weeks pregnant

Your baby is about the size of a Butternut Squash. Now their bones are fully developed, the movements will feel stronger and they're busy learning to turn their head and enjoying dancing from side to side.

Baby's Length: 17.72 in.

Baby's Weight: 2.1kg

35 weeks pregnant

Your baby will be about the size of a Pineapple and will be starting to find the womb getting cozy for the room. The due date is fast approaching and the baby will be now getting into position ready fir delivery, you should be feeling its head down in your uterus and its feet pushing up into your diaphragm.

Baby's Length: 18.19 in.

Baby's Weight: 2.4kg

36 weeks pregnant

Your baby now the size of Papaya, and is piling on the weight at a rate of about 30g a day.

Baby's Length: 18.66 in.

Baby's Weight: over 2.6kg

37 weeks pregnant

Your baby is about as long as a Romaine Lettuce and will be now wiggling and stretching out because your womb is too tight on room to kick and dance around.

Baby's Length: 19.13 in.

Baby's Weight: 2.9kg.

38 weeks pregnant

Your baby, now about as long as a leek, and you will be in full swing of preparing for them to arrive.

You will be at the peak of nesting, unless it has started early, making sure everything is in order for the birth and the arrival of your newborn.

Baby's Length: 20.16 to 21 in.

Baby's Weight: just over 3kg.

39 weeks pregnant.

You're now carrying a baby Pumpkin!

Since the second trimester, your baby has been covered in fur-like hair called lanugo and a white creamy substance called vernix, which will have now mostly disappeared.

Baby's Length: 50.7cm

Baby's Weight: 3.3kg

40 weeks pregnant.

So you're going to feel pretty big if you’ve reached week 40, and no wonder baby is now the size of a Watermelon.

This week you're expecting to give birth to your baby, but the baby might have other ideas and keep you waiting. Don’t get worried if the due date comes and goes, the majority of babies don’t arrive on their due date.

Baby's Length: 51.2cm

Baby's Weight: 7.63 to 9 lbs.


Have we missed anything?

If we did, we would love you to tell us, so we can update the blog. Pop your suggestions in the comments below.

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