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11 Reasons Why You Should Book Maternity Photos

Updated: Jun 25, 2023

Your Pregnancy is beautiful, you will miss your bump.

Pregnancy is the first chapter of parenthood, and capturing those memories is so important. As a specialist maternity photographer, I've experienced many mothers who are unsure if they should document these precious pregnancy moments professionally, let alone book a photo shoot and invest in themselves.

If you're on the fence or your think a maternity photoshoot is not your thing, then read on…

When the baby arrives, you will find yourself prioritizing them over yourself, there will be little to no time for yourself, and whilst pregnant you deserve time for yourself. But… yes there is a but, having beautiful maternity photos of your pregnancy is not just about you, it will mean so much to your children. Just imagine your precious baby in 30 years' time looking back at these photographs and saying, "this was my beautiful mother. She was such a wonderful mum-to-be.”

Who knows what the future holds, creating these memories for future generations is so important. Maternity photography is an investment, and here are 10 reasons why you should book a photoshoot during your pregnancy.

1. The first chapter of motherhood

You are a mum as soon as you become pregnant, your body is doing incredible things to nurture your little one before your baby arrives in your arms. Pregnancy is such an important milestone to look back on, one we need to visualise so we don’t forget our journey into motherhood.

2. Baby is only in the womb once

The bonding with your new baby starts before you even meet them. Time in the womb is incredibly special, only a mum will experience this time, you will only experience each child’s pregnancy once and this is your one chance to get photos with that child still in the womb.

3. Maternity Pampering.

When pregnant, I know you might be fed up with hearing you have a pregnancy glow, I remember not feeling it at the time, even though it was there. At a maternity photoshoot, we find that glow together, to show you how beautiful you are during pregnancy. This is your time, to show how incredibly strong your body has become, creating life. Every time you look at these photos you’ll look back on how empowering you had grown. going to remember how strong and incredibly beautiful you are.

4. Wall-worthy maternity photos.

Maternity photos deserve to be displayed, keeping them on a USB is a no-no!

Imagine having a series framed, maternity, newborn, baby, and you can keep adding to this to show growth in your family.

Each milestone is as important as the next, the first being maternity.

5. Beautiful gift of memories for yourself and your children.

Photos are an investment, the older they are the more value they will carry, why? Photos hold memories, and these are easy to forget when time passes, having photos as a visual reminder, will transport us back in time. Your children will want to see the photos, to remind them of life in the womb, how life started and how big mum's tummy grew when they were pregnant with them. One day your children might start a family of their own, and during their own pregnancy reminisce stories of you being pregnant with them.

Passing photos down through the generations is so important, imagine grandchildren, great-grandchildren looking in amazement at how you looked during your pregnancy.

6. Your pregnancy is unique

Each pregnancy is special, and the journey there is unique to the individual mum-to-be. Some mothers have struggled to get pregnant, and been through pregnancy and baby loss, there are IVF mums, rainbow baby pregnancies, or it might be surprise pregnancy and every one of them should be celebrated.

7. Every Pregnancy is worthy of remembering

Once the baby is in your arms your pregnancy quickly is a distant memory, a thing of the past and forgotten about. And I know from first-hand experience that not all pregnancies feel beautiful, my second born certainly wasn’t, but once born and you watch them over the years gaining independence, you will long to experience being pregnant with them again.

Pregnancy selfies are an option or getting your partner to take some snaps of your bump, but not knowing the poses, angles, lighting, and more, it’s likely the photos will not do any justice for you.

A professional maternity photographer will capture the essence of your pregnancy, creating beautiful photos of your bump which bring out the best in you.

8. Partner’s bond

You have both created life, and there is no better time to cherish that love between you both. As your family grows, documenting these moments is so important. And I call out it being moments because time will go fast and you can’t get it back.

9. First moments of siblings bonding

Your pregnancy doesn’t only mean life changes for you, if you already have other children, they will be getting their heads around becoming a bigger brothers or sisters! So much change is happening for them, and they will need constant reminders of how important they still are.

The bond between siblings happens as soon as they understand the baby is in the womb, bump moments are precious and are worth remembering!

10. Priceless

Photos are the one object that we can’t put a price tag on. Believe me they are worth everything to your children, and I hate to sound morbid, but one day your photos will be all that's left.

You really are worthy of having your photos taken, capturing your maternity is something that shouldn’t be missed.

11. Get to know your newborn photographer

Ever thought about creating dreamy newborn photos, ones that have the wow factor? If so, then read on…

We shouldn’t just end our journey into motherhood with a maternity photoshoot, we created life and your new baby will love seeing photos of themselves as a newborn, and so will you. Booking a maternity photographer who also specialises in newborns means you can create that journey, beautiful photos that tell you and your new baby's story, so you can be transported back in time because let’s face it we know this time is going to go really fast.

Are you due to have a baby? Or know someone who might be looking to book a maternity photoshoot?

Maternity photos are one of my favorite sessions, I love photographing pregnancy. My client's maternity wardrobe is filled to the brim with ideas of different styles to fit all shapes and sizes.

Before booking, I always advise you to schedule a complimentary maternity consultation, where we can go through your ideas and any quotations you might have. From here we can reserve the date for your maternity photoshoot.

If you would like to find out more please fill in a contact form or email me at or 07980700056


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