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How To Throw An Amazing Baby Shower

Updated: Nov 4, 2022

Your Maternity baby shower questions answered

The perfect way to show a mum-to-be just how much you care, a baby shower is the ideal event to celebrate the arrival of a new bouncing baby boy or girl while also giving mum the kind of experience she’ll treasure for a lifetime.

If you’ve never planned a baby shower before then don’t panic as we’re here to show you exactly how to make your baby shower one to remember. Let’s take a look at some of the main questions you need to think about.

Where is the best place to hold a baby shower?

Oftentimes, in a mother’s own home is one of the best places to hold a baby shower, especially if she is far on in her pregnancy and can’t travel easily. However, if you are making it a surprise, then a location such as a quaint countryside café or in a restaurant is an equally great option.

You could even hold it in one of the attendees’ houses, but wherever you do decide make sure that there is enough seating for everyone in attendance.

Who should you invite to a baby shower?

This is a time to think of the mother and who she would like there. Her closest friends should be in attendance, as well as family members such as sisters, aunties and mothers if it’s a female-only event. It is becoming more common for male family members and friends to attend too though.

As the host, you might not know some other people in her life like work colleagues, so why not ask her partner if he knows anyone she’d love to be there? Remember to keep the amount of invited people to a close-knit group rather than a general invitation.

How much should you spend on a baby shower?

One of the great things about a baby shower is that they don’t have to be extravagant events, and often the simpler the better. Unless you are hiring a venue, you won’t have to pay for a table in a restaurant or at a friend’s house.

You should set aside money for decorations such as balloons and banners too. If there are a few people organising it, then it’s a good idea to split the costs, and 5-10 people giving just £15-20 each should be able to cover all of the costs including presents.

What food and drink options should be arranged?

A baby shower is a special event and many people choose to have a cake made especially for it. Finger foods are often best as the group will be giving presents, playing games and talking rather than having a formal dinner.

Think cupcakes, finger sandwiches, cut vegetables with a houmous or dip, and you can even hire specialist equipment like a chocolate fountain or fondue kit to keep things light but tasty.

What are the best colour schemes for a baby shower?

If you know the gender of the baby already then you can go all out with pinks or blues as the main colour theme, but if it is unknown then stick with neutral colours like beiges, browns, or even yellows and greens.

A great choice would be pastel colours to keep things nice and calm for mum whichever gender she is expecting. Another option is to go multicoloured and make the event filled with brightly coloured decorations.

How should you decorate a baby shower?

The idea of a baby shower is to make mum feel like she and her baby are the centre of attention, so all of the usual party decorations can go up for this special time. Lovely balloons and bunting can be placed around the room, or coloured confetti sprinkled on the table if you choose to have it in a restaurant or café.

You might even want to have a personalised banner made with ‘Baby Shower’ written on it. Why not include photos of the mother as a baby too so she feels cherished and nostalgic?

What kind of entertainment should there be at a baby shower?

A fun time is to be had for all at a baby shower, and there are so many different games you can play. You can play a game of Guess Who, where each of the attendees brings a baby photo of themselves and the mother has to guess who it is.

You can play songs with ‘baby’ in the title or lyrics and the guests have to guess the song as fast as she can. Each attendee can have a balloon and when the mum says go they have to blow it up quickly and put it under their shirt as a baby bump, the fastest wins!

Should I hire a maternity photographer?

If you really want to make the baby shower extra special and ensure the focus is all on mum and baby, then hiring a maternity photographer is an excellent idea. Having that picture of a glowing mother holding her precious baby bump in a series of memorable photos is sure to be something she will treasure for a lifetime from the event.

A professional maternity photographer can attend the event for a personalised one-to-one session for the mum-to-be, capturing her in a place where she really feels comfortable or you could purchase a gift voucher, and have mum and partner attend a private session at her own convenience. Here is some information about a maternity session, click here

What gifts should you bring to a baby shower?

There are multiple kinds of gifts you can bring to a baby shower. There are ones exclusively for the mum to pamper herself with such as creams and smellies, or bath foams and candles to relax with. You can also bring things for the baby, and you can be sure it will bring tears to many eyes when the mum holds up those tiny clothes to show the group.

You can even buy things for the house you think she’ll need, such as burping cloths, or you can all chip in and get her a much-needed baby bottle maker or nursery furniture like a rocking chair for feedings.

We covered all of the main questions you have when it comes to throwing the perfect baby shower, so put them into practice and show mum and baby just how much you are looking forward to this new chapter in their life.

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