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Back to School tips for students

Updated: Aug 6, 2023

Managing settling into a new academic year, School and class.

After a summer of making memories, the never-ending School holidays are coming to an end. Most children will be excited to start school, but unfamiliar environment can be a little scary to some.

Here are some tips to help prepare for an easier transition to a new school year:

1. Tackle Anxieties early

The smallest of things can make your child anxious to start school, that can be anything from getting the right school shoes, to making new friends. Having a conversation about their worries can tackle the issue head-on before school starts.

2. Enrich the experience with extracurriculars

New schools can mean exploring new and exciting adventures. Extra-curricular classes outside of timetabled lessons exposes children to talents they might not know they had. It’s also an opportunity for kids to meet new people and learn about themselves.


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3. Familiarise yourself with a School visit

Many Schools offer a scheduled tours in advance, which helps students practice a typical school day. Covid hasn’t made this possible for most and some schools have replaced this with a virtual online tour. If your child is still anxious, doing a walkthrough of the school run and speaking to older children who attend the same school will reassure them for the milestone ahead.

4. Keep positive.

New School means new challenges. Staying positive opens opportunities and will ease anxieties. Keeping a line of communication with teachers and using supportive school resources can help avoid your child falling behind.


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5. Start as one means to go on.

Establish a healthy routine from the night before the first day. Setting guidelines helps, setting a time from a point in the night they need to start unwinding before bedtime, this could be spending time reading together and it’s also an opportunity to figure out what tasks should be done the night before to prepare for school the next day. Whether it’s getting the School bag packed, laying out uniform and making lunch boxes, creates good habits.

We do need to remind ourselves that it is perfectly normal for children to experience back-to-school jitters and they will gradually diminish over a few weeks.


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