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The best Port Talbot, and Bridgend Maternity and Newborn Photographers supporting each other

Bridgend and Port Talbot Newborn and Maternity photographers.

Being a newborn photographer based in Porthcawl in Bridgend a lot of my work is done from my studios and sometimes I miss out on having co-workers. Recently, I have been very fortunate to “befriending” a few fellow maternity, newborn and family photographers. One is close, so close as to be considered a local competitor, while a few are a good few hours car journey away. I am very privileged to be in this position, to have incredibly talented photographers as trusted friends and have impressive thing in common: they’ve provided help and guidance as well as much needed encouragement.

My nearest photography friend is Danielle, from Free Spirit Portraits, based in Margam, near Port Talbot. We met through a launch of a collaborative project with the one and only Steel Works Santa and the Family Claus. Whilst working together, we have quickly learnt we have the same values, made it our mission to be trained by the best in the industry and put our clients needs first to produce them the best possible service they deserve.

So, you may ask why having photographers in the same industry as friends is so important.

1. Keep a check on each other.

Having a support network for check-ins is so helpful, especially as a new business. There is so much to learn with setting up a Photography business and talking with someone who knows exactly what you are going through, is so helpful. One local photographer set up a photography chat on Facebook and Instagram for a few of us based in South Wales. We chat most days, and if we get an enquiry we can’t fulfil or we need help with, the group has been a huge asset to pass work on.

2. We celebrate each other’s successes

I feel very lucky to live in South Wales, surrounded by many talented photographers, who are winning awards, teaching classes and being published. It’s wonderful to see these accomplishments and congratulate them on their successful photography journey.

3. Support each other

Being creative also comes with moments of feeling uninspired and feeling overwhelmed with where to take our creativity next. Having a support network is so important to point you in the right direction to continue to develop and enhance your creative skills, such as which trainer is the best for a particular area that needs tweaking and taking my photography work to the next level. We also critique each other’s work, this is a huge asset, especially before we deliver work.

4. Share and create opportunities

We plan collaborative project and encourage each other to work on our goals, such as entering work into international photography competitions. Currently, me and Danielle are planning a very exciting collaborative project, keep your eyes peeled for this one.

5. Helping each other.

Helping fellow photographers has become part of the profession of running a successful photography business. When my work got published in Vogue I needed headshot for a press release, Danielle volunteered to help and we had had such fun working together. I’m forever grateful for Danielle’s time and stepping in to make those photos happen. I often do similar when I see another photographer struggling with editing, I offered to give a demo over zoom of me editing their work, so she could see the process and receive the finished edit. Doing an act of kindness is something I believe reciprocates back in full circle and it is fantastic to see those you help achieve great things.

Here are some of the photos Danielle took of me.

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