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What to wear in a Christmas Photoshoot.

Updated: Nov 1, 2021

Christmas photographers guide to picking the perfect Christmas outfit.

Christmas is fast approaching, the shops are already filling with gorgeous festive outfits, making it difficult to choose what to buy. Most families love to share their Christmas photos with loved ones, and they make fantastic, personalised Christmas cards and keepsake gifts as a memento to look back on. So here are my 11 steps to what to wear in your Christmas Photo: 1. Plan.

Check clothes fit, are clean and ironed ahead of time, if you wait until the day of, or day before you may not have enough time to finalise your outfits.

2. Outfit needs to be comfortable

Being happy with what you wear can make or break a photo. We all want to see those beautiful smiles and everyone looking relaxed in the photo, so why should we compromise over trying to look picture perfect? It’s not always possible for everyone to agree on the perfect coordinated outfits, but being comfortable with what your wearing is a small compromise for creating photos you will forever be happy with.

As a side note, I often get asked if I can edit someone to look like they're wearing something that matched the rest of the group, with over 20 years of Photoshop experience under my belt (showing my age now!), for a chargeable service I can colour change most outfits to make it look more Christmassy and make everyone in the photo coordinate.

3. Avoid logos, text or pictures on clothes.

Your focus will be drawn to logos, text and pictures first, we want to avoid any distractions so you see the photo as a whole. In this case less is more!

4. Avoid all white or all black clothing

Wearing all white or black can over power the photos and loose depth and detail. Trust me you don’t want this!

5. Coordinating colours not matching.

Matching outfits was vouge last decade, so to keep up with trend we don’t need everyone wearing the same Christmas pyjamas and jumpers unless you are after something quirky or fun. Allow personalities to shine through in the photos by picking a colour or pattern and chose clothes that fit to this colour scheme.


Photos from The Ultimate Christmas with Santa and Family Claus 2021, by Adele Morris Photography and Steel Works Santa.

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6. Limit Patterns.

The only rule when wearing pattern is to use your judgment, even more so when putting multiple outfits together for a group photograph. I find using one pattern with the same colour palette running throughout the outfits works well.

Using more than one pattern runs the risk of patterns clashing, but I do like to experiment with different patterns if they are from the same colour palette.

7. Accessories to go with your family picture outfits

Accessories not only help style your photo, but they can also be fun to use.

There are plenty of accessories you can add during the festive season, consider gloves, hats, scarfs and props. The possibilities are endless.

8. Clothes collections

Most stores have colour coordinated collections, making it easier and a lot quicker to purchase everything from one store. It also allows you to see all outfits together to help you visualise how they complement each other. I always start with what the children should wear and then moved on to the adult outfits.

9. Consider your background.

Keep it festive by wearing outfits that are in keeping with the Christmas backdrops.

Winter woollen or duffle coats, Christmas jumpers, matching hat, scarf and gloves in festive red and greens make the perfect outfits for Christmas outdoor and snow scenes photo shoots. The bonus of an outdoor style photoshoots is it give you the option to wear a second outfit underneath which you can change into in seconds. The second outfit can be your Christmas jumpers or a favourite festive outfit, such as something more seasonal teamed up with boots.

Indoor theme, gives you the option to wear something more formal, you can dress up for the occasion by wearing your Christmas best or for the real Christmas morning feel, why not choose a pair of traditional pyjamas.

As a side note- To avoid anyone looking out of place you need to dress in a similar style.

10. Textures.

I am a huge fan texture, it really brings the photo alive. Adding different textures through the material of your family outfits or your accessories gives it depth and interest.

11. Classic is best for what to wear in family photos

Remember these photos will be hanging on your walls and treasured for years to come and passed down through generations to come. By choosing simple, classic clothes you will give your images a timeless feel.

Tips to Consider

When deciding on what to wear for the Christmas family photoshoot, it is best to speak to the photographer. They will be able to give you direction on what clothing will be most appropriate for the your Christmas portrait session.

Like most of my Photoshoots, I offer clients a consultation to go through the Christmas photoshoot, so they are fully prepared, able to pick their outfits at ease and we can make the session as magical as possible for them. To find out more about the Ultimate Christmas with Santa and family Claus, please click below


If you have any question about what to wear for your Christmas Mini Photo Session, please feel free to get in touch:

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