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14 tips to make the school run easy

Updated: Sep 5, 2021

School run made easy by a mum of three.

We all know travelling with children can quickly turn from simple to mission impossible. Here are my top tips to avoid struggling with the chaos of leaving the house with children can bring:

1. Check School calendar in advance.

Keep on track of the school events can avoid missing important dates such as Christmas concerts, Sports Day, School Trips, Charity events, Eisteddfod, etc.

2. Homework is completed.

Putting time into homework is linked to achieving better results, schedule time to get the work completed will avoid it piling up or missing deadlines.

3. Bedtime routine

Early to bed and sticking to a routine makes all the difference, it will help them to not be overly tired come morning time.

4. Preparation is key.

Organise everything the kids need the night before; this will eliminate stress and anxiety in the morning:

  • School uniforms and sports kit laid out, don’t forget pants/knickers, socks, and clean shoes.

  • Homework is completed and in the school bag.

  • School bag is packed and ready by the door.

  • Pack lunch is prepared and, in the fridge, ready for the morning or lunch money is all paid up in advance with the School.

  • Breakfast all set up. Having clean bowls, plates and cutlery prepared will make things a lot quicker. My daughter can be a fussy eater, so I put the cereal box out ready, to eliminate any unnecessary distractions.

5. Be awake before your kids

Set your alarm nice and early, so you can get yourself ready without disruption. Whilst the children are still sleeping you can get on with tasks that need to be done, such as getting breakfast ready without worrying about what the kids are doing.

6. Time for breakfast.

Make time for breakfast. Cereal, toast, and fruit is very quick and easy to prepare.

7. No screen time.

Avoiding temptation to watch TV, play computer games, or use apps on their tablet or mobile phone will keep children focused to get tasks done. Since introducing the “no screen” rule before the school run with my daughter, she is now getting herself dressed for school and making sure she has everything before we leave the house.

8. Keep things in order

Teach your children to put their stuff in place straight after school, this will reduce your workload and get your children into the habit of playing their part in keeping things organised. It will also speed up things up in the morning, it means nobody will be hunting for things and they can just grab what we need and go.

9. Keep your car clean and tidy

Mess will cause distractions in the back seat, making your life more difficult in the process which will impact your mood. Keeping the car in good working order – checking lights and tyres, for example – you can reduce the risks of your car failing you at the worst time.

10. Avoid getting stuck in traffic.

The last thing you want is to get stuck in traffic or attempting to work out an alternative route on the spot. Check local news the night before for any roadworks going on in the area will help you plan a quicker and easier route to school.

11.Plan your parking

If you’re driving think about your parking in advance, the roads around a school can get congested quickly during the school run.

12.Leave home before it is necessary

Leaving 10 minutes early takes the pressure off any issues that are out of your control, like traffic jams or not being able to find parking near school drop off.

13. Do a trial run

A practice school run will properly prepare you and the children for how long you need in the mornings to arrive at school on time. Don’t forget to factor in extra time when the roads/streets get busier when everyone is back to school..

14. Don't forget you

Without you this wouldn't happen, so make time for you. There is no shame in dropping the children off early for breakfast club so you can get some of the necessary errands and chores completed.

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