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Baby shower gift ideas that every new mum will love.

Updated: Mar 30, 2022

Looking for the perfect baby shower gift idea for a friend or family member who’s expecting a baby? Then keep reading, you have come to the right place for gift ideas for new mums.

We've locally sourced the very best gift ideas for a mum-to-be for every budget, whether you want to get them a treat to pamper themselves with or something for their precious new baby.

Baby shower gifts, and what to consider.

Before you start researching baby shower gifts, I recommend considering what might be most useful based on the family circumstances. This will help you work out if you will be looking for a baby shower gift which is something practical for the mum or baby to use. Or, you might prefer to treat the mum-to-be to something more indulgent that’s just for them.

Baby shower gift for mums with older children

Mums to be who already have children, may have all the practical things she’s going to need for a newborn baby. Most likely is drowning in baby clothes and other essentials that she’s stored away and hopes to re-use.

If that’s the case, she will appreciate something more for her, such as a pampering gift or a keepsake.

Baby shower gift ideas for first time mums

First time mums will appreciate anything baby related, and there is so much to choose on today’s market that new parents either need or want, and which make life with a newborn baby a little easier.

Some mums to be start a wish list, so you could always ask her for gift inspiration before you buy in case she has particular items in mind and to avoid any duplicates.

Or, if you’d prefer to keep your baby shower gift as a surprise, simply choose something from my list below.

1. Newborn photoshoot at Adele Morris Photography

I believe that the best gift you could give a family expecting a baby is a newborn baby photoshoot. It a gift they will forever treasure and become their most valuable possessions.

I am one of Bridgend’s most highly trained newborn photographers, and been working in the industry and with newborn babies for nearly twenty years. Being just one of only three photographers in whole of Wales to be professionally trained and qualified in Newborn safety, my clients travel to me from all over South Wales, such as Swansea, Cardiff, Port Talbot, Cowbridge, Carmarthenshire and Neath, to my studio in Porthcawl, Bridgend.

Newborn session vouchers start at £199, which include a newborn mini session and 5 digitals, or it can be redeemed against my popular newborn photography services. It’s the perfect gift for you and a group friends to group together rto buy as a gift.

For more information about my gift vouchers, or to make a purchase, please contact me.

2. Hospital and birthing bag organisers

The first outfit is picked out, the birthing bag is packed, but wait… A new mum will need to labour and give birth whilst navigating their birthing partner around the birthing bag. A new mum will thank you for this set of 5 cute labour bags, having everything organised makes everything easy to find so they can focus on the important bits of the day.

And it doesn’t end there, you can wash and reuse, perfect for the nappy bag and when little one starts to toilet train. From just £4 each, or 5 for £17.50 you can have the bags personlised to mummies needs.

3.Maternity and baby bath time pamper products.

Nothing beats running a hot bath, closing the door to the world and giving yourself some well deserved "me time", because we all know when baby arrives it will be 100 miles an hour. Picking the right pamper products will leave you feeling soothe and refreshed,so I have done the hard work for you and sourced We’d Rather Lather, a beautiful local business in Bridgend, who produces a range of naturally sourced soap, shampoo bars and bath products. Everything has been designed with family in mind and to be as gentle as possible, from a range of gift boxes (suitable for those with or without a bath) for a well deserved pamper to a Pure and Gentle soap and super cotton wash cloths designed with our littlest family members in mind too.

4. A thermal mug

As soon as baby arrives, it is almost impossible for any new mum to ever get round to drinking a hot freshly made cup of tea or coffee, and ohh boy it’s at a time they need that caffeine the most, sleep deprivation is real!

We all know how disappointing it is when your faced with drinking cold tea! The only way around making that all important caffeine fix stay warm is an insulated cup and it will soon become a new mum’s top staple baby accessory, which is why its on this baby shower gift list!

Thermos is one of my favourites, its leakproof, and reusable. The sealable lid is excellent, once the lid is on, I don’t need to worry about it tipping over, every drop of caffeine is kept warm and safe!

5. Help with sleep

Broken sleep and a new baby comes as a package. Why not give the gift of sleep? Find out how to settle your newborn in those early days and how to establish good routines, habits and the right sleep environment.

New parents will thank you for introducing them to Sleep Like a baby, she has an abundance of experience and really is a baby whisperer.

6. New baby card

Don’t forget the card, and this one I found at The Bero is perfect, so much so I can see parents jumping on the selfie craze for an Instagram-worthy snap to share online with family and friends!

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7. Baby Rockit

Another highly recommended sleep-related gift, is a Baby Rockit, I swore by it for all three of my children and I still use it in the photography studio. It’s a portable sleep aid that can be attached to a cot, moses basket or pram to help soothe and keep your baby asleep for longer.

Most of the soon-to-be sleep-deprived parent who visit my studio add this little dream machine to their baby wish list, so this one is the perfect baby shower gift.

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8. Relax

Something a little different and a treat for a new mums to be, is the Relaxation diffuser and candle, from Brushstrokes in Porthcawl, and a shop worth popping into on Station Road. New mums can enjoy using them before, during and after the birth.

9. Lie back and relax in the bath

In my opinion a mum to be needs to make the most her pregnancy "me time", its hard work growing a baby, you will discover aches and restless sleep like never before. Relaxing in a warm bath will soothe away sore feet, baby bump aches and help you switch off so you can have a better night sleep. For the spa like retreat, the bath time caddie from Life Inspyred is the perfect bath accessory, it will hold all your bath time goodies.

The caddie is also fantastic for when baby arrives and mama is having a well deserved baby free nights, its perfect to hold a glass of wine, or the full bottle and treats whilst you read your favourite book.

10. Resuable nappies

The average baby uses 5,000 nappies, cost of living soaring and the planet crying out for a break, I am now seeing more and more parents visit my studio with cutest cloth bums. New mums will thank you for investing in reusable nappies for their new addition.

Green Cheeks is a super absorbent easy to use reusable nappy brand I love for growing babies and busy toddlers. Their range grow with baby, and the range have the most beautiful designs and matching accessories. Tested on my very busy three little ones, they are yet to disappoint and the service and after care is fantastic. The perfect gift for any new parent, you really can’t have enough reusable nappies.

11. Birth stone jewellery.

Jewellery is always a favourite, seen as a luxury gift to ourselves, from a loved one or passed down as a legacy from generations before us. Whatever the path the piece of jewellery has taken, the wearer will have a bond with the piece of jewellery and can go as far as feeling naked without it on.

For the extra luxury touch Porthcawl based Koko Jewellery, offers a wide selection of beautiful sustainably sourced raw, un-cut Sri Lankan birth stones, which is handcrafted and made from 925 Silver. Choose from twelve stunning Birth stones to mark the celebration of the arrival of the new baby, a timeless personalised keepsake gift, simply stunning and will make any mum to be feel beautiful.

12. Local baby services and experiences

Another great baby shower gift idea is to support small local businesses and buy vouchers that can be redeemable for services like baby massage or baby yoga classes.

These are activities that the mum-to-be may wish to experience in the months after the birth, and which give her the perfect excuse to get out and about with her little one.

What will you be buying as a baby shower gift?

Let me know in the comments below what baby shower gift you are planning to buy. If I have missed anything out, feel free to share any suggestions you have for a baby shower gift, I would love for this list to grow.

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