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Famous people with dyslexia

Updated: Oct 14, 2021

Being dyslexic does not mean you can't achieve your dreams. To help raise awareness about dyslexia not being a barrier, here are some famous people with dyslexia:

Orlando Bloom: Hollywood actor.

Richard Branson: Sir Richard Branson is an entrepreneur and founder of the Virgin Group. He is estimated to be worth over £3 billion.

Tom Cruise: Multi award winning Hollywood star!

Leonardo da Vinci: Painter, mathematician, sculptor and inventor.

Walt Disney: Best know for the boom of the animation industry and Disney Theme Parks.

Henry Winkler: Actor, comedian, children’s book author, executive producer and director.

Robin Williams: Actor and comedian.

John Irving: Novelist and screenwriter.

Albert Einstein: One of the greatest physicist in history .

Sally Gardner: English children's writer and illustrator.

Whoopi Goldberg: Comedian, actor, political activist and talk show host.

Jay Leno: Television host, comedian and writer.

Danny Glover: Actor, film director, and political activist.

John F Kennedy, George Washington & George W Bush: All of these Presidents of the United States of America were believed to be dyslexic

Jennifer Aniston: Actress, producer and businesswoman.

Maggie Aderin-Pocock: Astronomer and space scientist, co-producer of the long

running TV programme ‘The Sky at Night’ with Chris Lintott.

Keira Knightley: Actress.

Caitlyn Jenner: Olympic Gold Medal-Winner Athlete.

Octavia Spencer: Actress

John Lennon: Lead singer of the Beatles and singer songwriter.

Jamie Oliver: Professional Chef, bookseller and TV personality.

Theo Paphitis: Known for his entrepreneurial skills and his appearances on the TV series ‘Dragons Den’.

Pablo Picasso: Artist and painter

Jim Carrey: Actor, comedian, writer and producer.

Muhammad Ali: professional boxer, activist, entertainer, poet, and philanthropist.

Guy Ritchie: Filmmaker

Chris Robshaw: England Rugby Captain and Harlequins player.

Steven Spielberg: One of Hollywood's best known director and one of the wealthiest filmmakers in the world.

Holly Willoughby: Model and Television Presenter.

Dominic Wood: English magician, entertainer and most will know him as a children entertainment in ‘Dick and Dom’.

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