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Supporting Perinatal Mental Health

This 7th – 13th November is Perinatal Mental Health week.

Perinatal anxiety and depression are often brushed under the carpet, we question ourselves how we can feel this way when we have been given the most precious gift.

Breaking down barriers and realising stepping into motherhood and fatherhood is a shock…

It's relentless.

It’s exhausting.

It's hard.

It's painful.

It’s a journey where you forget about yourself.

It’s a time you put yourself last.

It’s a time you crave being you the most.

And it’s lonely.

"I’ll meet you where you are."

Never underestimate the power of showing up for your new mum friends.

Whether it’s having drinks and snacks on the sofa while they cry from sheer, pure exhaustion, holding baby so they could shower in peace or simply checking in regularly and letting them know that you're there. It’s telling them if they want to, need to, they can call and sob down the phone - and that you'll be there for them. Don't let them feel it's lonely.

It's saying, "I'll meet you where you are" wherever that may be.

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