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Bridgend Newborn Photographers Guide to Baby names born in May.

Updated: Jun 25, 2023

May Babies: The Most Adorable Names for Your Newborn. The Bridgend Newborn Photographers Guide.

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Expecting a baby in May? Congratulations on becoming new parents.

May can be considered one of the calmest months and often conjures images of freshly bloomed flowers combined with a breeze of fresh air. If you’re expecting a baby in May, you may be searching for some inspiration regarding names.

To give you a hand, we asked some past clients who had babies in May to find out what they named their babies and what was in their baby name list. We have put our favourite names together below, I hope you find the baby name list useful:


May seems an obvious choice regarding baby names, but it is one with considering if your baby is born during the month. As well as a connection to the month, May also refers to the Roman Earth goddess.


If you’re searching for a gender-neutral name that displays dominance and loyalty, then Dillon could be the perfect name for your baby. The name is a Welsh variation of Dylan and translates to ‘son of the sea’ which explains why the name is so popular during May.


Ehawee is a unique name of Native American origin which translates to ‘laughing young woman’. Given the origins, the enchanting and delightful name is often sued for girls and is considered a great blend of character and flair.


Caitlin is an Irish and Welsh variation of the name Catherine, and it translates to ‘pire’ making it the perfect name for babies born in May. Although popular during the 1980s, the name has become popular again, especially during the month of May.


Benjamin is of Hebrew origin and means ‘Son of the Right Hand’. In addition to its biblical connections, Benjamin is also a popular choice as it allows for a variety of nicknames. Benjamin is a name that has stood the test of time and remains a popular choice for boys born in May.


Given how treasured the arrival of a baby is, Emerald can be the perfect name for babies arriving during the month of May. In addition to gemstones, the name also has strong connections to Ireland, celebrating the luscious natural surroundings.


Addison is a popular creative name that has origins connected to the famous playwright and poet, Joseph Addison who was best known for his essays published in The Tatler and The Spectator during the 1700s.

As Joseph Addison was born in May, it has become a popular name for babies born during the month.


Meaning ‘weapon’ or ‘hill’ Macy is a name of French origin that was first used in Massy. The name has been commonly used for girls in the past but is now considered a distinctive gender-neutral name. Although an old name, Macy is full of charm and a worthwhile contender when searching for baby names in May.


Henry has been a popular name for many centuries and continues to be a popular choice among many mothers in May. However, the French variation has found popularity in recent years and is closely connected to the French post-impressionist painter Henri Rosseau.

The name means ‘home ruler’ in its native tongue, and proves to be among some of the popular names used for babies born during late spring.


May is abundant with names with a historical connection, and Alexander is no exception. The name is closely connected to Alexander Pope. Pope was an English poet and translator and was also a form for satirising the Enlightenment era.


Mason is a gender-neutral name that has British roots. Meaning ‘stone worker’ the name has gained a lot of popularity in recent years, especially during the month of May.


Emerson is a German name that is gender-neutral and considered dignified and serious. In addition to the ‘Son of Emerson’ reference, the name also refers to the American poet and philosopher Ralph Waldo Emerson.


If you’re looking for a unique but elegant name, then Quintus could be with consideration. The name derives from the Latin meaning ‘fifth’ so was often given to the fifth child that arrived. However, as May is the fifth month, Quintus can also be used.


Hawthorn is slowly becoming a popular name for babies born in May, and it’s not difficult to see why. Hawthorn is a popular birth flower that blooms at its fullest in May, making it the perfect name for babies born during the month.


If you’re searching for a May baby name with unique connections, then Derby could be worth considering. The name is connected to The Kentucky Derby, a popular American horse race that takes place everywhere year in May.

However, Derby also has British connections, and means ‘park with dear’. Despite the unique origins, Derby is another baby name that is finding favour with mothers giving birth in May.


Many mothers will be searching for baby names with historical connections. In this regard, Baxter could be the perfect fit. Whine Edwin Baxter served several roles during his lifetime including being an antiquarian and botanist.

Baxter is also an Anglo-Saxon name that was originally an occupational surname meaning Baker.


Birch is a gender-neutral name that refers to trees famed for their unique bark and slender appearance. During the month of May, birch trees provide you with a stunning site, so it should come as no surprise that Birch is a popular choice for babies born in May, especially among those searching for a name with a natural connection.


There are many reasons why expectant mothers are drawn to the name Audrey, but one of the most famous connections is the famous British actress Audrey Hepburn. The name is of British origin and means ‘noble strength’.

The name dates back to the Anglo-Norman period and has rarely waned in popularity, especially during the spring season.


One of the reasons Mary can be so popular during May is due to the similar spelling. However, this isn’t the only reason why the name is often favoured for babies arriving in spring. Translating to the “Star of the Sea” in Hebrew, the name is often considered a powerful and beautiful name.

Mary is also a popular name because of its religious connections and is another that is used frequently in different parts of the world.


Mabel is a Latin name which translates to ‘loveable’. Originally a popular name between the 19th and 20th centuries, the name is now finding popularity among 21st-century mothers, especially during May.

Despite a wane in popularity during the 1960s, the name has become popular again in the United Kingdom and the United States, as well as many other parts of the world.


Victoria is a name of Latin origin which means ‘victorious’. The name has a strong connection to royalty thanks to Queen Victoria and is considered a strong name due to its connection with the Roman goddess.

Often cited as the feminine version of Victor, Victoria is the perfect baby name if you're searching for something that eludes confidence and courage.

Celebrate a Naming Ceremony With a Photoshoot

The naming of a baby is a celebrated event that can be carried out in several ways. However, many are keen to keep sacred memories for years to come, and the best way of achieving this is by booking a photoshoot.

I have several years of experience in carrying a variety of shoots, including maternity and newborn photography, in addition to family portraits. If you want to create memories that can be enjoyed for years to come, then why not get in touch today?


Is your baby's name on the list? Or maybe we missed your baby's name out?

Tell us in the comments below, we would love to know what your little one is called and why you choose the name.

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Bridgend maternity and Newborn photographer. Professional bump and Baby photoshoots.
Maternity and Newborn Photoshoot. Bridgend Maternity and Newborn Photographer. South Wales.

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